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Are there big differences between expensive and cheap sunglasses?

Today, the price of sunglasses ranges from dollars to thousands dollars. Why? Are there big differences between them?
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  • hand_and_soul


    An ideal type of sunglasses is able to protect the wearer from the harmful ultra violate rays. The differences of sunglasses ranging from dollars to thousands of dollars are reasonable. Because the more expensive ones have a much better quality of frame,material, colors, and UV protection. Besides, good expensive sunglasses can block light entering the eyes by as much as 97 percent to avoid damage, and can completely eliminate glare using polarization. However, cheap sunglasses do not provide the right kind of lenses that is required for making a sunglasses perfect. Instead of that, they provide poor lenses, UV protection, materials, which cause your eyes to get tired faster and increase the crisis to your eyes. Therefore, for your own health, you should buy good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Kelly eddy


    Well, actually, nowadays, there are many different kinds of sunglasses, and their prices vary. In my opinion, the first reason which can lead to the price gaps is related to the brand. Generally speaking, some famous brands of sunglasses will just cost about 1000 dollars, and the normal ones can just be very cheap. Also, the material can be another factor. Some sunglasses which are made of special material will have higher price. That is why some of them are expensive, and others are cheap.
  • Judy


    39. One of my friends is fond of sunglasses. From cat black sunglasses to Ray-ban sunglasses, all sunglasses are her lovers. Well, at first I'm hardly to believe. However, with time files, I found wearing sunglasses really can enhance appearance. I ever went to several super markets and glasses vision centers to find out the differences among glasses. Then I arrived some conclusions which as follows: 1. big brands of sunglasses are often expensive and the much cheapest among them still need $80 dollars. 2. Cheap frames are always poor qualities and bad customer service. 3. Many cheap ones are just similar with quality goods, that is, not all people afford such high prices as qualities. So the eyeglasses manufacturers design such cheap ones to replace the real ones. 4. Some cheap ones still have high qualities and good materials, but the reputation can not be equal to the big ones, so the prices are much lower. All in all, if you're a good customer, you can get a pair of nice sunglasses at a lower price.

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