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Is aromatherapy oils good for puffy eyes?

Can i use aromatherapy oil to help my puffy eyes? Does it really work?
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  • Jonah


    Remedy based on aromatherapy oil can help people reduce puffy eyes. Essential oil like olive oil or lavender oil can improve the blood circulation. However, some people wrongly use the aromatherapy oil, even drop them into eyes. It will harm our eyes if they wear used as eye drops. You can put several drops aromatherapy oil into humidifier. Or you can also massage your eyes with aromatherapy oil.
  • Andrea warren


    Well, yes, this kind of oil can be helpful to treat puffy eyes. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can lead to puffy eyes. But on the other hand, allergies can be the common ones. According to some researches, if your eyes are infected by something, puffiness in the eyes can be possible. To treat it, you can just have some aromatherapy oil on your eyes. And it will be effective. Also, if your situation is becoming serious, you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Emma


    Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils. Puffy eyes are so noticeable that everyone wants to remove them. Then various ways are taken to get rid of them. For example, apply red tea bags on your eyes 10minutes once a day and use some cucumber slice every night to take vitamins supplements. People gradually find these ways do not work for puffy eyes. New measures need to take, so all kinds of oils begin to be popular with people. A study has shown that lemon oil in vapor form was good to reduce stress and enhance one's mood. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are found to help heal burns, wounds and swellings. These are often in lotions or soaps, especially in facial mask. To sum up, use aromatherapy oil to help puffy eyes and protect skin. By the way, facial mask that contains aromatherapy oil does really works for puffy eyes if you make gently massage during your applying.

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