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Are sensitive eyes a sign of pregnancy?

Can sensitive eye be a sign of pregnancy? Is it possible? Why or why not?
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  • evelyn12


    Well, yes, sensitive eyes can be a sign of pregnancy. Generally speaking, when you are pregnant, there will have some symptoms in your eyes. For example, you will have sensitive eyes. Also, blurred vision is a symptom present in many stages of pregnancy with many women experiencing it. According to some researches, spots, floaters, double vision, eye irritation, eye discomfort, and vision changes may occur too. So at this moment, you need to be careful about yourself, or it can be dangerous.
  • Robert ja


    When being pregnant, women's physical condition will change a lot and sensitive eyes are included. Hereinafter I will inform you of the latent causes of sensitive eyes brought by pregnancy. Sensitive cornea resulted from the increasing of corneal thickness during pregnancy can cause dry eyes. The change of the retina during pregnancy will lead to blurred vision. Pregnancy will cause glaucoma which will lead to high pressure in the eye. Pregnant women will also suffer tunnel vison due to pituitary adenoma. All the abovementioned kinds of sensitive eyes would for the most part disappear since the delivery, however.

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