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Are big eyes pretty or ugly?

How do you think of people with big eyes? Do you like it or prefer people with smaller eyes?
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  • Robert ja


    Even though most people like big eyes, I do feel small eyes can be beautiful if the people with small eyes can be confident. Personally, I love big eyes because I have big eyes. The point is that you need to be confident no matter you eyes are big or small. You need to believe you're beautiful for us to believe. Cosmetic lenses can help people who want big eyes, and makeup are helpful as well.
  • Alexa joyce


    Hello, I think people with big eyes are really nice and good-looking. Actually most people just like me like big eyes too, so a lot of girls try to make their eyes bigger by doing eye makeup. While it is not absolute, some people may be better with small eyes. It will depends on your face shape and some other organs.