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What are the best glasses frames for thick lenses?

I have strong prescription. So, i have thick prescription lenses. It looks ugly. Can you give me some ideas on choosing eyeglasses frame? What types of eyeglasses can compliment my lenses?
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  • b3l0ng524nna


    Take your strong prescription and thick lenses into consideration, you shouldn't choose big eyeglasses frame, because it will make you look like a nerd. If your degree is between 150 and 350, you can choose full frame with 1.56 index lenses or half frame with 1.61index lenses. But if your degree is higher than 350, you need to buy full frame with 1.61 index lenses or half frame with 1.71 pieces. This can be a little bit professional, but your doctor will tell you more details.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    Ok, I quite understand your feeling, actually, those thick lenses really could affect your looks and make you look ugly. Anyway, there are lots of good glasses in the world, but what fits you depends on your personal taste. Here I would recommend black glasses frames to you, which could make you look great while covering the weakness of your thick lenses. Just try to take a look at Amazon, there are lots of great big black frames from which to choose.,k:black+glasses+