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Can i go to work with a stye ?

I got stye on eyes. Is it OK right now for me to go to work? Or shall i just stay at home till it is cured?
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  • Sara


    No, it is not OK for you to go to work with the stye which can be caused by the invisible bacterium. You'd better stay at home and get rid of the bacterium. The eyes infection should be gotten rid of. You should take care of your life habit and your diet which will make your recovery process be quick. If you go to work and sit in front of the computers for a long time, it will intensify your eyes problems.
  • Austin


    I think it is ok for you to go to work if the stye is small, after all, it is not contagious and causes you much inconvenience and trouble. Pay more attention not to pressing or squeezing the stye on your eyes with your hands in case of spreading and worsening the infection. But if the stye has a great influence on your vision, thus you should not work. You can apply warm compress over the infected area four to six times a day, and ten to fifteen minutes a time to help get rid of stye.
  • Olavi


    As far as I’m concerned, you'd better stay at home till it cured. Though stye is not a highly contagious disease, long time radiation from computer as well as lack of sleeping does not work for symptom and even make things worse. A warm compress is a good way to treat your stye. You can wet a cloth with hot water. Then place the warm compress on the affected eye for 5 to 10 minutes. You are supposed to do this for several times a day, it is normal to take about one to two week at most for the stye to disappear. Nevertheless, if it is really getting more and more serious, you'd better go for their help and accept the relative treatment in order to get a recovery.

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