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Rickey Stumphf


What are the home remedies for blepharitis?

It is so bad that i suffer blepharitis. Do you know how to treat it? Can you give me some good home remedies?
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  • Hunter jackson


    To treat blepharitis, you need to attach great importance to the eyelid hygiene. You can apply a warm compress to the lids for five to ten minutes two or four times a day. At home, you can soak a clean towel or washcloth in the warm water and then place it over your eyelids, which will help soften crusts and loosen oily debris. After the compress, cleanse your eyelids with a cotton applicator stick soaked in a diluted solution of 50% baby shampoo or mild soap. Rub along the eyelashes and the lid margins in a gentle and repeated way with your eyes closed in case of scratching your eyes. In daily life, you need to keep your hands and face clean and clear away the eye makeup before going to bed. In addition, if you wear contact lenses, you had better stop wearing them now. Wish you will be better soon.
  • Noah james


    Well, generally speaking, there are some home remedies for blephariti. First, you should know that Blephariti is a kind of inflammation which can occur in the part of the eyelid. For many people, it can lead to many eye diseases. In common, red, irritated and itchy eyes, even double vision can be possible. To treat it, according to some experts, warm compresses can be good. So you can put a damp, warm washcloth on the infected eye. And then just repeat it. And it can be beneficial for your situation. By the way, you can just wear a pair of eye patch which can just protect your eyes from further infection.
  • shashank pandey


    Castor oil is considered as an anti-inflammatory medicine for easing the symptoms associated with blepharitis. The major ingredient found in castor oil is ricinoleic acid and is responsible for reducing inflammation. However, you need to seek your doctor%u2019s advice before using castor oil for dealing with blepharitis. Source:-