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Are spicy food bad for eyes?

I heard that spicy food is bad for eyes. Is that true? How can spicy food affect the eyes?
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  • Angela


    Ok, I can see that you concern a lot about your eye health. So, it is true that what we take in have a significant stake in our eye health, and we must take care of our diet. Spicy food, which might give you great experience, but they could also bring some side effects, such as dry eyes, pink eyes, or decreased vision. But slight amount of it is just ok. Just try to protect your eyes consciously.
  • Andrea warren


    Spicy food is bad for eyes only when your eyes are already get infections, if your eyes are healthy, a certain degree of spice can make your eyes more healthy. When your eyes get infection, your eyes would be full of secretions which is produced by the disordered body heat. Spicy food would produce more heat in your body. So if your eyes are infected, try to avoid the spicy food.
  • walkingthesky


    Hello, as far as I know, spicy food does not have any relation with some eye problems and it is not bad for your eyes at all. Look around your friends, some like eating spicy food may have good eyesight. On the contrary, spicy food have a wealth of incredible properties that add to the flavor, and boost the vitamin and mineral content of foods, which may be good for your health, as well as your eyes.
  • Dave Scott


    Actually, spicy food can improve your eyesight. I have perfect vision and have been eating super-spicy stuff all my life! I order Red and Green powdered chili from Hatch, New Mexico. You can get it from these guys:

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