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How long does a hordeolum last?

It is ugly to suffer hordeolum. Can you tell me how long does it take to get rid of it? Is there any good treatment that can help me remove it quickly?
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  • Jordan owen


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take about three days for your situation to recover. And at this period, just try some ways to treat it. For example, you can just apply some cool teabags, which contains many different objects. So that it will do a good job to it. According to some experts, you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. Just do this for a few times every day. Besides, just be careful about some bacteria and allergies which can just make your symptom serious. Also, you can just heat a piece of garlic. You can just put heated garlic on it and hold until garlic cools. And then just repeat the process for a while. I think it can be good. Anyway, just have a try. And you need to console with your doctor.
  • Alexander david


    Often hordeolum goes away on its own. You can apply hot compresses over the affected area four or six times a day, ten to fifteen minutes a time to assist the drainage of the pus and contents of the swollen area. You can also use some antibiotics such as eye drops or eye ointment to eliminate the infection. If the hordeolum does not resolve spontaneously on its own, you should get some treatments from your doctor as soon as possible, otherwise, the infection can expand its affected area and lead to other serious situation such as cellulitis if the infection invades the tissue of the eyelid. In your daily life, you should keep your ocular hygiene. Wash your hands often and avoid as much as possible rubbing your eyes with your hands.

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