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What does a hordeolum look like?

I heard that one of my classmates got hordeolum, Can you tell me what hordeolum looks like? Is it serious?
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  • Caitlin owen


    Hordeolum is a tender, painful and red bump manifested at the base of an eyelash or under or inside the eyelid. It occurs when the glands of the eyelid, which helps to lubricate the eyeball, is clogged. It is not that serious. It usually recover on its own without the need to receive medical treatment. Wish your classmate recover soon.
  • walkercounty


    Hello, hordeolum is a small infection of the glands in the eye which located in the eyelids. It will look like a red bump on the eyelid, this kind of looking looks like a pimple. Some also look like a boil. It can be called a serious infection I think, you'd better go to the doctor and have a treatment quickly.
  • Samuel hill


    Well, generally speaking, a hordeolum is a small infection of the glands in the eye, which are located in the eyelids. And then, because of the infection, a red bump on the eyelid which looks like a pimple will occur. To treat it, you can just try some tea bag, which contains many different objects which do a good job to stye. In my opinion, you can just try tea bag. First, you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. Just do this for a few times everyday. After several days, it can relieve your symptom. Anyway, you can have a try.

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