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Are prescription sunglasses worth it?

What's your opinion on prescription sunglasses? Do you think it is worthy?
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  • entaliden


    In my opinion, if you have vision problem and also want to go outside, you can just try prescription sunglasses. Generally speaking, prescription sunglasses have prescription lenses so that to make you look better. And at the same time, your eyes can be well protected by them, for sunglasses have uv protection. By wearing them, it will just avoid sunlight and uv rays getting into your eyes. So just have a try.
  • Erin


    In my opinion, the prescription sunglasses are good and convenience for you to enhance your life quality. If you have enough money to purchase it, I think it really worthy! These kinds of sunglasses are combining the function of prescription eyeglasses and the sunglasses for decoration. It would be very cool to wear while it really helps to aid your vision. In the sunny days, especially in the summer, it will be really useful for you to protect your eyes from the hurt of excessive rays and ultraviolet. Ray Ban prescription sunglasses or Bolle Prescription sunglasses could be a good choice, why not have a try?
  • Trinity hill


    Yeah, we all know that the prescription sunglasses are expensive and will cost us much money. Nevertheless, I think it is worth to buy the sunglasses with prescription. Because you know, the sunshine will do some harm for our eyes and also some skins around our eyes, especially in summer, and you also want to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, but you are nearsighted, namely, with our vision help, you can see nothing. Without the protection from sunglasses, you will find that sunburn will appears around your eyes, then I think you will spend more money to treat the sunburn. On other word, the money you cost on a pair of prescription sunglasses will be less than the cost of a pair of sunglasses and a pair of good quality contacts. All in all, take into the skin around your eyes and your dear eyes, you will find that the prescription sunglasses are very worthy. Hope my advice can help you.