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What are difference between corneal ulcer and corneal abrasion?

Can you tell what the differences between corneal ulcer and corneal abrasion? How can i tell if i get corneal ulcer or corneal abrasion?
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  • Angelica


    There exists the difference between the corneal ulcer and corneal abrasion. The cornea is a layer of transparent thin film in the front part of the eyes which is often exposed to the air. It is easy to get the bacteria, fungi, viruses or other dirty things to come in. It may cause infection and produce corneal ulcer. In addition, the lack of vitamin A, facial paralysis and eyelid scar may cause eyelid closure. The eyelid closure may cause corneal ulcer finally. And the corneal abrasion is the damage point of the corneal which may be caused by the wearing of the ripped contact lenses or the scratches in the eyeballs. If you have the confusion of whether you get the corneal ulcer or the corneal abrasion, you could go to the hospital and ask the doctor to have a full check on your eyes. Then you may get the treatment.
  • Samuel


    Well, you should know that both of them are dangerous to your eye health. However, the former is resulted from some intangible causes, while the latter is derived from physical scratch. However, you can tell which is which by seeing if your eyes have actually been hurt. My advice for you is to receive some proper and professional treatment before it is too late. The latter could also give rise to infections.


    The corneal is a layer of transparent film on the front of the eyeball. It often exposed in the air, so it would get more chance of virus infection than other issues of eyes. As reasons for the corneal ulcer, when the trauma or corneal hurt as well as trachoma complication symptom happens, the virus and bacterials get into the inner of corneal, the corneal ulcer will be reduced. As for the signs of corneal ulcer, the rete vasculosum will get expanded and congestion on the edge of corneal, it named ciliary congestion. The infiltration of corneal will happen at the same time by the invasion of white blood cell. When the infiltration get heavy, the issues of corneal get degeneration, necrosis, or drop, it will become corneal ulcer. The corneal abrasion just a normal trauma that caused by outer factor of clashing. It is not caused by the reason of virus and bacterials. The most differences between the two disease is if it will infiltration, the corneal ulcer will cause corneal get degeneration, necrosis, or drop. They are different!

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