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What are the best lenses for reading glasses ?

I need reading glasses. Can you tell me what are the best lenses for reading glasses? Or are they the same?
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  • Katelyn owen


    Ok, it seems that you want to get a pair of good glasses for reading. It is true that some glasses might not give you the best effect so you are confused. Anyway, I recommend those black glasses, which could be compatible with large lenses, and could provide you with good reading enjoyment, and for they are made of plastic, which could exert less pressure on your face. Hope you find this useful.
  • ebbainthesky


    For me, it is the same because all the lenses can provide me vision aids. But different lenses have different characteristic. Usually, there are plastic lenses, glass lenses and polycarbonate Lenses. Plastic lenses are durable and light. But it may easy to get scratches. So, if you choose plastic lenses, you'd better add anti-scratching coating. Also, if you often use computer, anti-reflective coating are recommended to protect the eyes. Glass lenses are the traditional lenses which is hard. But it is heavier than plastic lens. So, today, there a few people prefer to buy them. At last, polycarbonate Lenses are considered the most perfect lenses for eyes. The lenses is more durable than plastic. Also, the lenses are light weight. What's more, they can protect the eyes from reflective light and UV light. Today, most goggles are made of them. So, what is the best lenses for reading glasses depends on your value of eyeglasses.

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