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Riley eddy


Is it possible to have green eyes naturally?

Are there people who are born with green eyes? Where can i meet such people?
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  • harris


    There are some people who are born with green eyes. Only about 2% of the world's population have green eyes, most of them being female. Green eyes tend to appear in places where blue eyed people married with brown eyed people. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Spain, northern Africa and Brazil all have had people with green eyes for a long time.
  • Caitlin


    Really, you sure you want to meet those people, actually, there are loads and loads of people with green eyes in the world. Because you should understand that the color of our eyes is decided by the genes type, which has a lot of things to do with races. So, among white people, a lot of them have green eyes from birth. You can meet a lot of them in New York, which is a place full of people of difference races.
  • Shelby


    There are people who are born with green eyes,and truly green eyes are found in only 2 percent of the population.Most of them are located in Europe. If you want the green eyes ,that is easy to achieve by the help of make-up. Choosing complementary makeup colors and clothing. Determine the correct shade of green to get the best accent match; lighter green eyes will need more makeup to bring out the color, while a darker green can use less. Warmer colors will bring out the green in your eyes better than cooler colors. Match makeup colors to agree with your clothing.