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Can lack of sleep cause dilated pupils?

Is it possible to get dilated pupils because of lacking sleep? If so, what can i do to help my eyes recover soon?
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  • Megan W


    Well, yes, lack of sleep can lead to dilated pupils. According to some researches, it is very common persons pupils can be dilated from stress, and lack of sleep. And you should know that if you have got dilated pupils, the pupils, the black part of the eye are bigger than normal. Also, we can say that dilated pupils look like a big black circle. Besides, there are many different reasons which can cause pupils to be dilated, such as high blood pressure and anxiety, drug use, illness, and trauma. So you should pay attention to them. For your situation, you should take a good rest and just drink more water, and then it will be fine.
  • Pete


    Yes, it's obviously get dilated pupils because of lacking sleep. Here is a scientific interpretation. After a whole day of hard-working, our body system is eager to have an adjustment and rest. However, if we can not give our body enough rest we need, which will cause a disorder of our endocrine system and makes an influence on organism function, including eyes. Therefore, as we got a dilated pupils, don't think anything else but go to bed to have enough rest as soon as possible. And then, after you wake up, impress a warm towel on your eyes for several minutes, you will see changes soon.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    Well, as you can see, dilated pupils are resulted from a variety of reasons, such as panic, excitement, as well as surprise, or something unexpected, or before you go through an eye exam, you will get some eye drops to dilate your eyes. Anyway, they are simply not harmful and your eyes would not be dilated through a lack of sleep. However, shall this happen, don't panic, just wait and better yet consult a doctor.