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Paige williams


Is it bad to wear 3d glasses outside?

Can i wear 3D glasses outside? Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Connor nelson


    I suggest you had better not, because as we all know that the 3D glasses must be used to the 3D images, if you just wear the 3D glasses outside, then you will feel confused. Because the light that gets through the surface is mostly of one polarization, and any others are reflected back in and never get out, so will see the building and other things outside strange. Now you know wearing 3D glasses outside is not bad for your eyes, but pls remember that you cannot wear 3D glasses outside when it is sunny, because the 3D glasses are not like the sunglasses that can protect your eyes from the sunshine. Otherwise, the sunshine outside will strain your eyes, then your eyes are easily get hurt because of the sunshine. Before using the 3D glasses, you can read the warning tips so that your eyes will not be hurt.
  • Jessica


    Generally speaking, i strongly suggest you not wear 3D glasses outside, it's obvously bad for your eyes. The 3D glasses adopt the specific material to let you see the screen like in the same situation, which are especially deigned for 3d experiences. If you wear it outside, not only the view can not be in stereo, but also you will feel dizzy. What's more, the longer you wear it outside, the more changes your retina will be made by 3D glasses, even a vision problem can be happened. Thus, for the health of your eyes, don't wear them except in a theater. Thanks.
  • cun_yin


    First, you should know that the 3D glasses are designed to watch movies so it can give a three-dimension. Generally speaking, their effect relies on your two eyes each seeing a slightly different image, in which your brain then combines into a three dimensional picture. And when you have worn a pair of 3d glasses while watching 3d movie, it will make you feel that you are just in the real phenomenon. This feeling just attracts many people. However, you are not suggested to wear 3d glasses outside, which make your eyes hurt in some degree.
  • weaves


    In general, you won't hurt your eyes by wearing 3D glasses outside, you may just confuse your brain a bit while it gets used to the information it's receiving being different than usual.