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Why do i see stars after blowing my nose?

I can see stars after blowing my nose. Why? Is it normal?
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  • emmie18


    Yes, it is a normal phenomenon. The reason you see stars after blowing your nose is that the incorrect way of blowing your nose with strong strength lead the ocular glass sphere to vibrate, giving rise to the stars before your eyes. You need to pay attention to the way of blowing your nose, otherwise you may suffer sinusitis or otitis media. The right way of blowing the nose is pressing one nostril with your finger, and then blow outward gently, thus the nasal mucus of the other nostril can be blown out. Then you blow the other nostril in the same way. Remember not to blow your two nostrils at the same time.
  • Carlos


    Well, it seems that you are not in good conditions. So, you said you faced stars after blowing your nose. As a matter of fact, I have the same feeling, and I realized that this is due to my serious allergic sinus infection, which gives me a lot of inconvenience, including the stars, or what we call floaters after blowing my nose. This is not normal anyway, so you need to take care of this.
  • Gregory A Meetze


    Well, I have to say that it is normal to have this kind of feeling for you. And also, you should know that there is something to do with the vision nerve system. As we know that when you blow your nose, the nerve impulses zap to the vision section of your brain. In that way, it translates the pattern into a "picture" of the thing you're looking at. So you can just see stars in front of you. And anything that sets your eye nerves jangling will have a similar same effect, such as the hit head and blow the nose. And generally speaking, there is nothing for you to worry about.
  • walker_


    I am not 100% certain, but this is what I think As you probably know with Graves' disease, the muscles that control the eyeglobe are affected and a lot of times can cause restriction of the muscles within the eye socket, and at times causing the eye to protrude. I don't know at what stage of Graves' you have. I think that when you blew your nose, you may have produced a pressure to go up toward the globe and caused some compression on the muscle (that connects to the eyeball), thus creating this stars (phosphenes). I don't think there is anything dangerous about that. However, if this happens whether you blow your nose or not, it may be best to see an ophthalmologist to rule out anything within the eye. Just curious, do you remember in what area these stars appeared when that happened?As for the red eye you suffer, unfortunately it is a very common symptom of Graves. Be sure you have artificial tears handy during the day or ointment for night time. Severe dry eye can increase your risk for conjunctivitis. Keep your sunglasses on while you are out and about (if you don't wear glasses already). It is best to manage this with an optometrist or ophthalmologist so that your daily life is not affected.Hope you get all sorted out soon. Take care.