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Noah rupert


Is it true a tea bag can cure pink eye?

I get pink eyes. Is it good if i use tea bag to treat my eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • Tatiana


    Well, looks like you want to cure your pink eyes and improve your vision. So, as far as I know, tea bags have proved to be very effective in treating dark circles, eye strain, blurred vision or some other problems. However, it cannot rely solely on tea bags despite they are quite useful in treating or relieveing pink eyes. Since pink eyes are infected disease, so you need to get some medical care as well.
  • cute_but_catty


    The pink eyes are contagious. Thus, you'd better not go outside often. And the tea bag is good for you which will let your eyes get release to some degree. However it will not cure your pink eyes which need the medical treatment or the good life habit through the eating and sleeping. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes.
  • elbcoastboy


    Well, of course tea bag is good for curing the pink eyes. When you have pink eyes, there are also some other symptoms such as itching, burning or stinging, discharge, swelling, watering. By using cool tea bags which contains a lot of nutrients, it can help to reduce the swelling and pain. In the end, it can relieve the symptom. Also, you can put some ice on your eyes and change it frequently. Some eye drops can relieve the symptom. You need to use the drops as directed you need to make sure the bottles tip is not touching your eye to not be infected. Also, you must wash your hands and sanitize them constantly. Otherwise, it will be easy to be infected.