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Does high eye pressure cause eye pain?

Can i get eye pain because of the high eye pressure? If so, IS there any way to help me release from the pain? Please Help!
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  • walker03andrea


    Well, I should tell you that high eye pressure,if the situation is serious enough, could be equal to glaucoma, very terrible. Once get high eye pressure, you will have a lot of bad symptoms, such as a willingness to throw up, headaches, disgusting feelings, and painful eye balls. So, what could help you relieve is to get some professional and timely treatment, or surgery. Just go and help yourself.
  • ryan


    Well, generally speaking, high eye pressure can lead to eye pain. When you have eye pressure, it can make your eyes be stressed, even have eye strain. In that way, your eyes will be pain. So that is why eye pressure can lead to eye pain. Also, eye pressure can cause bloodshot eyes, so just be careful about it. To treat your eyes' pain, you can just try some ways to relieve your high eye pressure. For example, you should not overuse your eyes too long time. Also, just put some ice cucumber on your eyes, which will be effective.
  • Mariah shelley


    It seems very probably to get eye pain because of the high eye pressure. As a matter of face, the high eye pressure is caused by an imbalance between the production and drainage of fluid in the eye. When the channels that are used to drain the fluid are blocked, more fluid is keeping in the eye owing to the failure of draining. Hence, there is a increased amount of fluid inside the eye that cause the high eye pressure. It could give rise to not only eye pain but also acute pain, red and swollen eyes, headache even a blindness. The only way to drastically cure it is receive a professional treatment. But at the same time, as a auxiliary method, you might as well try some yoga. Hope these can help.

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