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Bob Witek


Does walnut oil work for eye wrinkles ?

I heard that walnut oil can help reduce eye wrinkles. Is this true? How can walnut oil help to reduce eye wrinkles?
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  • Jordan smith


    Walnut oil is full of vitamin A, vitamin B group, and vitamin E. The medical value of walnut oil is raging from preventing Cardiovascular Disease to repairing the damaged cell completely efficiently, attaining the beautiful white. However, you cannot use it directly to the skin around eyes because the skin can't absorb it. The best choice for you is to eat the oil more often than before. Try to control the amount of oil each time you take. The reason is that it is really full of fat which makes people easily to gain weight.
  • Hae


    Yes, the walnut oil will be helpful for you to reduce eye wrinkles which are caused by the aging problems or the stress from life. The used walnut oil could be absorbed by your skin and then make your eyes skin become smooth which reduce your eye wrinkles. You could do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and make the eyes skin become smooth.
  • Michelle percy


    Well, looks like you are unhappy with those eye wrinkles right? which would make you look older than you actually are . As a matter of act, walnut oil is one of the most nutritional oils in the world, which would do your health an awful lot, so you could try to get some of them around your wrinkles after cleaning your face. And also, you should try to pay attention to other aspects, such as your work and life,your rest, etc.