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miguel gaytan


Can dry eyes cause vision loss?

Is dry eyes a serious diseases? Is it possible to cause vision loss? How can i cure it?
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  • Kimberly


    There are two kinds of dry eye. They are temporary dry eye and chronic dry eye. I think dry eye is not a very serious disease. Many people will get dry eye in their daily life. If you are a current contact user, you may have dry eye, if you had some infection, this may lead to dry eye too. If you just had the lasik eye surgery, you may suffer from dry eye. You can use artificial tear drops to relieve your symptom. I never heard that dry eye will lead to vision loss if you treat it seriously. So don't worry.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Maybe dry eye is the most common problems for most people. It is not a serious disease. It will not cause vision loss. If your dry eye is caused by an infection and you just suffer it for few days, you can use artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs. You also need to drink a lot of water every day. But if your dry eye is caused by contact use, you may need to use artificial tears few times in each day. Artificial tears will do no harm to our eyes. So don't worry.

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