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How long will vision be blurry after lasik?

I feel blurry vision after the lasik eyes surgery. Is this normal? How long can i recover clear vision?
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  • cdale


    Some people will only take two weeks to get clear vision after lasik eye surgery while some will take a litter longer to achieve a satisfying result. I think the time may depend on the specific conditions that the patients are suffering. Even there are some people who need to have an enhancement to help sharp their vision. So you must wait and see.
  • Dawn C.


    I think the blurry vision after lasik eye surgery is quite common. Your eyes need some time to recover from the surgery. Or there may be some cell debris on the surface of your eyes. You don't need to wash them or apply for special treatment for your tears will wash them out.
  • Rebecca


    Immediately after the LASIK procedure, your vision will still be quite blurry. It is common for one eye to be less comfortable than the other for the first few weeks and for one eye to see faster than the other. This is normal. It takes several weeks and often a few months for you vision to improve and stabilize. In the first week or two, most people feel as though they're looking through Vaseline, fog, or a dirty contact lens. Often they can see objects but the contrast or sharpness and clarity have not yet returned. This is completely normal. It usually takes a few weeks for this to start really coming back well and, by three months, most peoples' eyes and eye prescriptions have stabilized.
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