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Julio G.


why is my eye twitching on the top lid?

It is so strange that my top eyelids twitches. Why? What causes it? And how can i stop it?
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Answers (2)

  • Audrey


    Oh, it is not a strange thing. It often happens in our daily life among most of people. Are you staying up too late last night? Are you drunk last night? Are you suffering pressure recently? All these will lead to eye twitching. Sometimes the lower eyelid twitches and sometimes the top eyelid twitches. It is just a very common thing.
  • Eric quick


    If you are too tired, and your eyes are too tired too, it may cause your eye twitching. Many people will suffer this in their daily life. Eye twitching is not a serious problem. You can stop it by catching up some sleep or relax yourself from busy work. But if your symptom persist after you do what I said, you must see an eye doctor for fear that you may have some other potential disease.