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Why is reading in the dark bad for your eyes?

My parents always told me that not read in the dark or dark light place. They said it is really bad for the eyes. Really? Why? reading in the dark is bad for the eyes?
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  • Bob Witek


    Yes, reading in the dark is bad to our eyes, because when we are reading in the dark light room, there is less light hit our retina, we have to put our head more closely to the book in order to see them clearly, we also have to strain our eyes. This will put heavy burden on our eyes and further affect our eyesight.
  • Ethan walker


    Dear kid, you'd better not to read in the dark light place. Although reading in the low light place will not damage our eyes, but it causes eye strains and long term effect on our vision. When the light is low, our eyes have to adjust to it. We have to strain our eye muscles to work hard to separate the words from the page.

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