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What is the antibiotic treatment for pink eye?

I heard that antibiotic can treat pink eyes. So, what is the antibiotic that i can use for treating pink eyes? Any idea?
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  • explosion_x3


    Dear friend, there are many ways to treat pink eyes. Only pink eye caused by bacteria, antibiotic eye drops or ointment can help treat it. It usually takes a few days to clear the symptoms. But if you got stubborn infections, your eye doctor will prescribe an oral antibiotic. However, I am doubt that whether you can treat your pink eye in this way. if it is the contagious pink eye, you'd better consult your doctor first.
  • Michael?anderson


    Yes, antibiotic can treat pink eye. But it can only treat one kind of pink eye. However there are many kind of pink eye. Some of them are contagious but some are not. if you got the contagious pink eye, then the antibiotic may have nothing to do with your symptoms. I suggest you to use some artificial to relieve your symptoms. But it cannot cure your pink eye. so you need to have your eyes diagnosed and then ask for treatment.

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