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Zoe may


what are the signs that you need reading glasses?

Maybe I have some vision problems recently. I often find that the print is a little fuzzy. It never happened before. I like reading very much. Do I need to buy a pair of reading glasses? Can you tell me the sign of needing reading glasses?
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  • Isabel fergus


    Dear friend, I just heard that if you have the following behaviors, you may need to buy a pair of reading glasses. In order to see letters clearly, you need to push your computer monitor back. You have to hold things at arm's length to read them. You have to squint to see printed material clearly. And if you get frequent eyestrain, headaches or eye fatigue when you are reading or working on your computer, you need to have your eyesight checked by your eye doctor.
  • Cameron smith


    Hey, guy, you must make sure that your symptom is not just overtired from a long day or the something like that. If you find that you are tired out after reading for an hour or you are not comfortable when you are reading. Your eyesight is not as well as it before. And if you often strain your eyes when you are reading you may need to see an optometrist and you may need a pair of reading glasses.

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