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Austin gerard


How to get pink eye from someone else?

I know that pink eyes is contagious. How? Can i get pink eyes if i see someone suffering pink eyes?
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    Dear friend, you will not get pink eye if you just see their pink eye. There are many kinds of pink eye. Some of them just like a common infection and will not infect others. But some of them are highly contagious. If their pin eye is caused by viral, you must avoid sharing the same stuff such as pillow with him or her, because this kind of pink eye is contagious.
  • Alexa murphy


    I think you won't. The pink eye that caused by herpes virus is highly contagious. It is easy to spread to other people. We can't share pillows, towels, linens, or handkerchiefs with the people who have pink eye. The linen can be a cause of re-transferring the infection in our daily life. We also can't share eye medicine with these patients. But we can wear eye protection to protect our eyes from getting an infection.

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