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Is it okay to put contacts in water overnight ?

I have run out of my contact lenses solution. What shall i do? Can i keep my contact lenses in water overnight? Any suggestion?
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    Dear friend, I think you'd better not put your contact lenses in water, because usually there are many chlorides in water. Chemical reactions will happen if your contact lenses and chloride meet together. Then your contact lenses cannot do their best as they used to be. Do you have artificial tears? You can put your contact lenses in artificial tears.
  • ctc_youth


    I would not suggest you to put them in water, for they may cause burning eyes or even an infection. But if you have to do that, you'd better put them in disinfecting water. However, I think if it is not too later to buy some solutions in a store or at an optometrist's office nearby, you'd better buy solutions than put them in water.
  • walkinawayfromu


    No, it is dangerous to leave contact lenses in water overnight due to organisms such as Acanthamoeba which can cause an eye infection that can very quickly result in blindness.