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Danielle lewis


Does elijah wood wear colored contacts ?

Do you know if elijah wood wears colored contacts? Can you tell me what types of colored contact lenses he wears? Where can i get it?
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  • Jada


    Ok, it seems that you are quite interested in that small guy huh? Anyway, he is quite cute and awesome, and he has originally got a pair of sea blue eyes, which are very gorgeous and amazing. So, he does not wear any contact lenses. If you want to get those sea blue contact lenses, you could pay a visit to Walmart vision center, where you could see lots of options and the prices are quite reasonable.
  • colors8282


    Yes, elijah wood wears the colored contact lenses. It is the blue contact lenses he wears which make him look so charming and attractive at the eyes. If you want to buy such similar type of contact lenses, you could go to the online stores, like amazon and ebay. The price there is suitable and the quality is just as good as those in the real stores.
  • Gabriella


    Elijah Jordan Wood, born in 1981, is an American actor. He made his first film in 1989. I once saw many pictures of his, and I really can't tell whether he wears any color contact lenses. Normally his eyes are light blue, very beautiful. Yet on some other pictures his eyes are a little green, not sure because of changed angle or whatever. If you want the light blue eyes, why don't you just have a try of blue colored contact lenses? Many stars now like to wearing the color contact lenses to make their look more charming and attractive. It is very common, convenient and cheap. Normally speaking, there is no other reliable way to change the color of eye easily. With color contact lenses, you can change your eyes into whatever color you preferred. Now in market, there are green, purple, gray, black, purple, blue, brown, hazel colored contact lenses. And they have very beautiful patterns. Without a trying, you won't know how beautiful your eyes could be. I prepared 3 pairs of different color contact lenses! Hope you like it.

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