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How to wear my hair when wearing glasses?

I am a girl with eyeglasses because i need vision aids. Can you tell me how to wear my hair when i am with eyeglasses so as to look good?
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  • Alexander


    Ok, I can see your anxiety. sometimes those glasses indeed could affect our looks, especially for a girl. So, maybe the best way to do is to band your hair with something , or you could try short bob which could be nice . Anyway, you should know that there are indeed some nice and awesome eyeglasses for women, here I would like to recommend cat eye glasses, which could make you appear to be feminine and attractive.
  • Kaylee tuener


    About the matching way between eyeglasses and hair, you could do it according to your shape of the face. You could wear the hair up and wear the eyeglasses to show the spiritual aspect. You could also just let the hair down at the back of your side to show the feminine character. You could also use some hair accessories to make the whole look seem special.
  • Hele


    I don't wear glasses but I see what you mean. For hairstyles maybe you can put your hair in a ponytail and have side bangs or you can put your hair in a braid. You can curl the ends of the ponytail if you have straight hair or straighten your hair if you have curly hair.