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Andrea warren


Does bow wow wear contacts?

Do you know if bow wow wears contact lenses. If so, what types of contact lenses does he wears? Any suggestion?
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  • Hae


    Ok, it seems that you like that guy very much right? So, he is one of the most promising rap singers in America and it is true that sometimes he would like to wear contact lenses from time to time. But he originally got a pair of brown eyes. Anyway you should know that the type of contact lenses he chooses is just some circle contact lenses, or some special crazy lenses, which could be found at Amazon, where the options are various and the prices are affordable.
  • Brooke peters


    Yes, the bow wow wears the dark brown colored contact lenses to make the whole look seem cool. Actually there are a lot of both women and men wearing the colored contact lenses to make them look so attractive at the eyes because the eyes will look big. If you want to make your eyes look attractive, you could also choose to wear the colored contact lenses.