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Is it normal to see halos after prk surgery?

I always feel halos in front of me since i got a prk surgery. Is this the normal post-surgery impact? How long will it last? Or how can i treat it?
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  • Benji


    PRK surgery, fully named as photorefractive keratectomy, is the predecessor of other laser surgery used to correct vision errors, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is a refractive surgery with an excimer laser. PRK requires longer period for healing, and there are some side effects, and glares or halos around light is most common one of them. With dilated pupil in night, the larger treatment prescription, the more chance to have these halos and starbursts. Because in PRK surgery, the surgeon won't make an incision on your cornea, instead he/she will remove the outer membrane layer of cornea, named epithelium, so usually patient with PRK surgery takes longer time to recover. During the first 6months, your vision might fluctuate because that the epithelium needs to grow back. After it grows back, you can get stable vision then. Normally this halos symptom is mild. If it is severe, I suggest you to talk to you doctor for help. The doctor might can give you any glasses with anti-reflective coating which might help reduce the glare and halos. Yet most of the cases, this vision disturbances are just temporary and normally disappear within three to six months after completely healed. So don't worry too much. Good Luck!
  • chocolateeeee


    Yes, it is normal to have the halos at the eyes after you get the prk surgery which is the normal post-surgery impact. However, it is usually temporary which will be lasted for less than a week. You could have the good rest for the eyes. In addition, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and moisture.
  • Kelley


    Well, yes, it is possible to have halos after prk surgery. And at that moment, your pupils will look bigger that normal. It will last more than 30 days to recover. And generally speaking, there are no other home remedies you can try. You should go and see the eye doctor, and he will either supply you with eye drops, or suggest an over the counter brand that he has found particularly helpful. With the use of eye drops, you will be able to keep your eyes properly moisturized during this period.