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Michelle percy


Is shingles of the eye contagious?

I get shingles on my eyes. It looks really ugly. Are shingles contagious like pink eyes? How can i treat it?
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  • Cathy


    It is really so ugly for you to get the shingles on your eyes. However, the shingles are not contagious like pink eyes. The shingles on the eyes are a kind of nature serious eyelid skin disease. The trigeminal ganglion or a branch is a varicella zoster virus that infects the undergoing radiotherapy or immunosuppressant. The patients will be vulnerable to the disease incidence after lifelong immunity and rarely have the recurrence. Since you get the shingles on the eyes, you will be afraid of the light. You will feel great pain on the eyes. You may get the watery eyes with no control. First of all, you should lie at bed and eat the food which are easy to be digested. Secondly, you should increase the vitamin B12 to improve your resistance. In the third place, you could get the antibiotics to cure the shingles on the eyes quickly. You should not smoke or drink which will be bad for the recovery of the eyes. You could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel better.
  • Alexandra


    Shingles is a skin rash, which might happens to face or body, appearing in band or strip, caused by varicella zoster virus. It is called herpes zoster too. Usually people won't get shingles from some other affected person, but it is possible for people with shingles to spread the virus to the people who didn't have chickenpox or chickenpox vaccine. The virus causes chickenpox, after the chickenpox is healed, the virus sleep in your body. For some people, it might stay dormant for good; while for others, whose immune system is weakened by aging, depression, weakness, the virus might wake up and shingles will break out. Or it might be triggered by some certain medication. It is wired that once the virus is awakened up it will only cause shingles, instead of chickenpox. With shingles, you might have headache or sensitivity to light at the beginning, and later you will develop itching, tingling, or pain. You might find many blisters in strip or band in a small area. You might feel dizzy and vision is blurred. To treat shingles, you need antivirus medication and even some medicine to kill pain. So talk to your doctor at once, the sooner you get medication, the faster you get healed. You need to keep the affected skin clean for quick recovery.