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What kind of sunglasses does zac efron wear?

Have you seen the sunglasses that zac efron worn? If so, can you tell me What kind of sunglasses does zac efron wear? And where can i get it?
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  • Connor


    Yes, I have seen the sunglasses that zac efron worn in the magazine. He looks so cool and fashionable when wearing the type of the sunglasses. The actor Zac Efron wears Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses. The ray ban series sunglasses are so perfect at the design and the quality. You could go to the online store with reputation, like amazon and ebay to have a search. There must be such type of the sunglasses.
  • Gabriella


    So far, i noticed that zac efron worn aviator sunglasses in black lenses or brown lenses. Personally, i think wearing sunglasses make him look more mature and man. Also, it is handsome and cool. And such aviator style sunglasses is very common that you can find it almost in every glasses shop. But i would like to recommend you to buy at ray ban which is a famous brand of provide cool aviator sunglasses. Good luck.

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