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What are good eye supplements for dry eye?

My eyes are often dry. Can you tell me what are the good eye supplements that can help to release dry eyes?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    Ok, I can see that your eyes are not in good conditions. So, as you can see, dry eyes is one of the most common problems with eyes we might suffer, and it could be resulted from a lack of sleep, allergic reactions, bad use of your eyes, infections, etc. Also sometimes it has something to do with your kidney. Anyway, once got it, you gotta be careful and try to get some vitamins ,especially vitamin A which could ensure your eye health. A better diet is also needed. Also try to get some eye drops.
  • Ghassan S.


    If you get the dry eyes easily, you could keep the good habit of diet for you. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You could also drink more water to make the eyes feel better. In addition, you could use the eye drops to make your eyes feel better. The eye drops will at the same time get rid of your bacterium in the eyes.
  • Jason lester


    Eye dryness is a so common condition that most of us have experienced sometime. Usually to solve this problem, you need to find out the underlying cause. Yet there are some general actions which could help relieve dryness. Use a humidifier to add moist to air. Our eyes are impacted by the air or wind or sunrays. Staying in a room with air conditioner could not only dry your skin but also your eyes. A humidifier could effectively help. The second thing is to drink enough water every day. Normally women need 91 ounce of water, while men need 125 ounce, 80% of which is dependent on the water you drink. Dehydration will make your eye dryness worse. So drink more water which is cheap as well as potent. Thirdly, according to many resources and research, food rich in omega-3 fatty acid could help relieve the dry eye syndrome. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid includes salmon, herring, sardine and cod. Flaxseed oil is also recommended. You could find some nutrition with omega-3 fatty acid. But I think natural food is better than others. If it is really miserable, instill some artificial tears could reduce the dryness, redness and grittiness at once. Apply come warm compress on eyelids is quite helpful too.