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Can eye makeup cause headaches?

Is it normal to get headaches because of eye makeup? If this happen, what does it mean?
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  • cmg6891


    First of all, I want to tell you that the makeup can cause you the headache, but it is not normal. When you find that you have a headache because of the makeup, then the first thing you should do is that cleaning off the makeup. Because you know there are many chemical component in the makeup, also if your skin is sensitive to the component, the additives will stimulate the nerve around the eyes, and then the stimulate will transfer to your head. In the professional filed, this is called allergic for the cosmetic. The result is that you will have a headache. Of course, if you met this situation, pls relax yourself, what you should do is that cleaning off your cosmetic, and the headache did not disappear, pls see a doctor. BTW, when you are choosing the cosmetic for you, especially for your eye, you had better choose the best one because you know eyes are the window for the outside world.
  • hall


    Yes, it is normal to get headaches from eye makeup. This saying seems wired and no apparent direct connections between them. You might be intolerant to chemicals, or your makeup might be hypoallergenic, headaches, migraine, nausea and vomiting, rash and depression might be resulted. As you might know, there are many possible triggers of headaches. We are not sure which your case fit, for example, poor sleeping, some certain medication, or iron deficiency. My suggestion is if your makeup makes you feel very bad, take it off immediately with mild remover. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Have a good rest if you can, because usually headaches do not attack sleeping people. Apply some compress over front head or do some tender massages on head might help. If you still get headaches after a good sleeping, there might be some other underlying reasons of your headaches, such as a bad cold or trauma in head or neck, or some conditions related to blood vessels in head or neck. You can visit your doctor to have a detailed check. Finding out the underlying root can give you the trace leading to proper treatment. In most cases, headaches would disappear without treatment.
  • edward


    It is not normal for you to get headaches because of eye makeup. Your eyes may have the problems because of the stimulating role of the eye makeup. Your eyes may get the infection and inflammation. That is the main reason for you to get the headaches. You could use some eye drops to get rid of the invisible bacterium in your eyes.

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