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Can you fly with a fractured eye socket?

Can i take a plane with fractured eye socket? Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Jonathan griffin


    No, you'd better not take a plane with fractured eye socket which will be bad for your eyes. When you take the plane, you will feel the sudden increase eye pressure on the eyes. Then you will find that your eyes feel not comfortable which will affect your eyes recovery. Thus, you'd better protect your eyes carefully through the good habit of life.
  • walkingwounde_d


    It must be very painful to suffer fractured eye socket and it also affect your looks. So, it would be unwise for you to take a plane for the time being because taking a plane would give greater pressure to your eyes and your wounds, which leads to greater problems. Here my advice for you is to thoroughly examine your eyes and if the doctor says ok, you could take a plane.