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Is white pepper good for eyes?

I heard that white pepper is good for eyes. It sounds crazy. Is that really help, or it is just a joke?
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  • Nathan harris


    Well, in my opinion, yes, white pepper can be helpful for your eyes. As we know that white pepper is rich in various vitamins. So eating more vitamins can just do a help to dry eyes. Also, dark circles can be reduced because of much intake of white pepper. So you can eat more. But on the other hand, you should be careful about it too, avoiding getting them into your eyes. Or it can just irritate your eyes, leading to pain in your eyes. In some degree, it will damage your eyes. Anyway, just be careful.
  • Catherine lewis


    Well, you should know that white pepper is one of the most commonly used ingredients. It it true that it could help with some problems such as cold. However, few cases prove that you could help with eyes, so you should be careful of it. Anyway, there are lots of nutrition that would benefit your eyes, so why insist on trying it?
  • Gabriella


    Yes, the white pepper is really good for eyes. The main ingredients of pepper are piperine which also contains a certain amount of aromatic, oil crude, protein, starch and soluble nitrogen. It can increase your appetite in food. That is to say, it is so nutritious which will improve your health in the whole body. It can also clean the body and eliminate the oil. You could get rid of it. Pepper has the warm character. It has the good releasing temperature. It has the effect to release your painful stomach. In addition, it can make sweat and chill cold treatment. It has the role of corrosion inhibition. In a word, the white pepper is really good for the whole body health. You could also get the moisture eyes. Your white parts of the eyes will be bright. The white pepper could do benefits for your eyes.