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Miranda clark


What are extended contact lenses? Are they good?

One friend of mine suggests me to wear extended contact lenses because I can wear them overnight even when I am sleep. I just want to know what exactly are extended contact lenses. Are they safe?
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  • walkingintoyou


    Extended wear contact lenses allow you to wear them when you sleep and won't hurt your eyes. If you want to wake up with clear vision each day, extended contact lenses will be a good choices to you. However, since you will wear the contact lenses for a long without taking off, the lenses are also likely a concern because of bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms. So, you shall think over it before you decide to buy.
  • Benjamin


    They are one kind of contact glasses, designed to be worn over 24 hours, which offer much convenience for wearers. Wearers can wear extend contact lenses even when they are sleeping. In addition, they are disposable. One more thing you should pay attention to when choosing extend wear contact lenses is that not everyone can wear extend wear contacts during sleep. You had better see your doctor and make sure whether extend wear contact lenses are suitable for your or not.
  • Victor


    Nowadays, contact lens is considered as one of the best modern invitation in the 20s century. The extended contact lenses are also known as night and day contact lenses. That is to say, it can be wore for continuous 30 days and nights without remove and clean. It's a kind of functional contact lens because the myopia or hypermetropia could be treated. And it's made of silicone material which has over 20 percent water thus it reduces the possibility of discomfort and avoid dryness in your eyes. Then, It’s safer to wear extended contact lens due to it decreases the chance of getting eye infection. Additionally, it's less expensive and durable than other kinds of contact lenses. On the contrary, it would produce inflammation of cornea because the continuous wear of these nights and days contact lenses.
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  • Jenny Annand


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