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How to look handsome with glasses?

I have to wear prescription glasses due to the myopia. I want to look handsome and cool while wearing prescription glasses. How can i make it?
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  • Jackson


    If you want to look handsome with glasses, you shall choose some fashionable and suitable eyeglasses frames to enhance your look. Recently, wayfarer style eyeglasses frames is a good choices. In fact, they are suitable for both men and women. As long as you dress with proper clothes such as T-shirt and jeans, it will make you look handsome and energetic.
  • george


    Even when you wear prescription glasses, you can have a cool look to attract more girls' attention. As long as you wear some cool eyeglasses suited for you, these glasses will work as fashion accessory to make you look handsome. Speaking of which, eyeglasses such as horn rimmed glasses, aviator glasses, wayfarers glasses are certain types of glasses suitable for cool men. If you like vintage style just like johnny Depp does, you can try horn rimmed glasses. maybe you will look as sexy as johnny Depp, haha!

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