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Is day and night contact lenses good for me?

I am nearsighted and plan to buy contact lenses. I am bored of wearing prescription eyeglasses. I heard that day and night contact lenses are good. So, is it ok for me to wear it? What are advantages of day and night contact lenses?
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  • Alexa murphy


    I heard that there is a brands called Air Optix Night & Day contact lenses that are approved for up to 30 days of continuous wear. If so, you can try such day and night contact lenses since you are nearsighted (if you need vision aids all the time). So, it sounds a good choice. You can have a try.
  • hand_to_mouth


    Yes, you can choose it if it's necessary. And you had better to go to see eye doctor to get professional recommendations. It's convenient for those people who could wear contact lens instead of glasses in daily life. The extended contact lens is made of silicone hydro gel material, and it's safe for people to wear continuous 30 days and nights at maximum. It can correct nearsightedness or farsightedness thus it's a kind of corrective contact lenses. Hence, it's suitable for you to correct your myopia as well. However, the extended contact lens is especially useful for those people who have no time to insert, remove, clean or disinfect the contact lens. You had better take them off, clean them day by day if you are not belong to that situation.
  • carpediem__


    You should worry about whether wearing day and night contact lenses will hurt the eyes or not.Only opticians know if it is safe for you to wear day and night contact lenses according to your eyes. The moisture content of day and night contact lenses is very low,so it's not suitable for dry eye patients.By the way, is it your first time wearing contact lenses ? If so, you are recommended to wear disposable contact lenses.

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