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Connor nelson


How to clean acetate glasses?

I have a pair of acetate eyeglasses and they are shine before. After i wear them a few years, it looks dull now. I want to find a good way to clean them. Suggestion?
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  • Alexa


    Acetate is a type of plastic material. It is very easy to clean it. First you shall wash your eyeglasses in trap water, then use several mild solutions on the eyeglasses frames and rub it with a pieces of soft cloth till the eyeglasses is clean. Then, clean the eyeglasses with clean water. It will make your eyeglasses frames return to bright. To make your eyeglasses always look good, you shall clean the it everyday.
  • chopperkriss


    Cleaning glasses consist of two parts cleaning, one is the lens, and the other one is the frame. You can twist off the screw of your glasses,then clean them one by one. clean the lens at first, the method is: drop some wash clean then flush them with small stream of water and wipe them with cotton at the same time , at last, use a tissue bolt the water which on the lens. The way to clean the flame is more complex. You should prepare a small soft brush and abluent, some warm water at first. Use some clean water to wash away the aggradation and dust on your frame, then drop some abluent in the warm water, put your frame into the warm water and wait for minutes, then use soft brush dips some new abluent to brush your frame gently. So far, you have finished your clean work, the last thing you must do is install the screw back. Or you can choose a simple way, just go to the eyes shop and they may provide cleaning service for free. If you want to let your glasses get good care, you should clean them often, and never use your hand touch the lens or use clothes,papers to brush glasses. Otherwise, you it may effect your vision or cause eye irritation.

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