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What are the natural treatment for eye infection?

I have got eye infection and I am out of prescription drops. Does anyone know of a simple solution or natural treatments for my eyes?
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  • Ana


    Cold compress can reduce infection. You can use this way. And you should wash your hands frequently, and do not rub the eye, and do not share a towel with others. Use a towel which cold tea is inside for depositing in the eyes for 5 minutes, as tea contains tannic acid and is a good astringent which can effectively reduce the infection. During treatment, eat less salty food. By the way, tobacco and alcohol is strictly prohibited. Vitamin B is one of the sources of visual nerve nutrition. You can eat sesame, soybean, fresh milk and wheat germ.
  • Kyle kirk


    I really want to know how you infect your eyes. General speaking, eye infection may be caused by lack of vitamins which lead to the low immunity of skin and mucosa. In this condition, we suggest you take six oral vitamins and exercises as a combination of treatment method. Of course, the dosage can be decreased slowing under the introduction of eye doctors. Besides, if you always stay up and never sleep well, it is easy for you to get the eye infection. So you must have a proper working timetable and try not to always sit in front of computers, TV and telephones. Last, if you catch the eye infection because of makeup remover or other accident actions like foreign objects, scratching of eye, etc. Then you ought to use some relative guttae sulface to relieve the pain and inflammation. Naturally, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning of your eyes. If eye infection happens, the physiological saline is another choice to help your eyes.
  • Nathan harris


    Eye infection is a common eye problem in daily life, which causes by bacteria, virus and other foreign objects, such as pink eye, eye sty. It's not that necessary to go to see eye doctor to solve those slightly eye problems. The home remedy is considered as an easy, inexpensive and effective solution to treat the eye infection. Firstly, the eyebright herb is one best choice for eye infection at home. You can take a few to wash eyes about 3 to 4 times per day. Or you can take some honey (about three spoons) into 500ml boiling water to use as solution. It's useful to reduce eye infection by using it wash your eyes.

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