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Do you like girl wearing big nerdy eyeglasses ?

Hey dude, how do you think of girls with nerd glasses. Recently, i see many girls wear big nerd glasses. Do you think they look nerdy or hot?
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  • Celina


    I cannot give you an answer. It depends. Some girls look really cute and nice with a pair of big nerdy eyeglasses. But there are still some girls look dull with big nerd eyeglasses. Maybe it depends on how they dress and what the dress as well as their hair style. But what i know is that nerdy style eyeglasses are very popular this year, especially for some Nostalgia.
  • Andrew bell


    Some of girls who wear nerd glasses look really pretty. Actually, nerd glasses are flying off the shelves and very hot in 2012. These glasses make wearers have a chic look instead of making them look nerdy. Nerd glasses have become the 'in" accessory that not only girls but also boys can wear to make a fashion statement. So wearing nerd glasses is a way you also can go.

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