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How to get rid of swollen eye after swimming?

I just got a swollen eye after swimming yesterday. And my eyes appear red. Does that mean my eyes get infection?
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  • enycelilmamii


    When you are swimming in the swimming pool, your eyes might be stimulated by bleaching powder and disinfectant and cause the conjunctivitis. Often after you leave the pool, your swollen eyes will be fine ten minutes to several hours later. Generally you do not need treatment. If it gets worse, your eyes keep swollen one or two days, you should be timely treated in the way of dropping the ophthalmic about antibiotics or antiviral. My best wishes to your health.
  • Alexander green


    Well, yes, swimming can lead to eye infection, and then eye infection will cause swollen eyes. First, you should know that eye infection is caused by the bacteria, allergies. So when you have eye infection because of swimming, and then, your eyes can be itchy. What is worse, it can lead to swollen eyes. For your situation, you need some eye drops, which can be effective to the symptom. Also, you can take a warm cloth to treat it. Anyway the warm compress can be effective. Of course, you can go and see the eye doctor, and he can give you some advices.