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Accidently got brake fluid sprayed in eyes, is it seriouis?

It is bad to got brake fluid sprayed in eyes. Any treatments? Please help.
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  • walkersrarest


    As you can see, brake fluid is a kind of produce that is used in cars so as to make the car make timely and precise brakes. However, it is made of chemical compound which could do great harm to your eyes, even leading to blindness. So, what you need right now is to thoroughly wash your eyes with clean water, then try to visit an eye clinic for medical care.


    It is so bad to get brake fluid in the eyes which will hurt the cornea in the eyes. You'd better wash them out firstly. Then you could use some eye drops to release the eyes. At the same time, the eye drops will help you get rid of the coming bacterium in the eyes. Your eyes may feel well again.

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