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Does castor oil help eyelashes grow?

I heard that castor oil can help eyelashes grow longer. Really? How?
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  • walker_


    Yes, it is ture that caster oil can help eyelashes grow longer. Castor Oil is the extracted pressed oil from the seeds of the castor bean plant, the medicine in it can help people's eyelashes to grow longer, as well as thicker, what's more, it can keep the eyelashes from breaking. Have a try!
  • Sharon Field


    Castor oil has lots of usage, it does can help eyelashes grow. Because it contains vitamin E which is the key elements for eyelashes grow. However, olive oil is better than castor oil. Pasting the olive oil with vitamin E can make your eyelashes grow very fast if you insist on doing that. But they'll stay at a certain point.