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How to get rid of itchy eyes due to allergies?

My eyes feel itchy because of allergies. Do you have any good idea to help me reduce it? Please
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  • Collin Wallace


    Allergic reaction can cause eye itching, swelling and watering. To reduce the allergic reaction, you need to get out of touch with possible allergens. Get good ventilation and fresh air in. Use an air cleaner to filter the dust and allergens and an humidifier to add moist to air which can relieve the itching and dryness of eyes. Use some water to flush the eyes, washing possible allergens or irritants out of eyes. Because it is caused by allergy, once you are out of touch with the allergen, the reaction would be alleviated and it would clear out very soon. To speed up your recovery, you could apply some cold compress on eyes. Don't worry too much. If your symptoms persist and worsen as time goes, you should go to hospital immediately for proper treatment.
  • bell


    The first thing you need to is stop using any makeup, they may be the allergy source. Then clean your eyes with pure water or physiological saline. And you should keep your eyes clean all the time. In addition, use some artificial tears to relieve your eyes. They would be fine the other day.
  • constans


    You can avoid touching these allergens such as pollen, ragweed, pet allergies or dust mites. You can take local honey every day for local honey can help build up immunity to air born irritant. Local honey can also prevent you from a flu or cold. You can also rinse your eyes with baby shampoo and then apply a damp cool cloth over your eyes.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    Once I got allergies. I put ice on my closed eyes to calm down the inflammation. Now I found a short video which tell us how to treat with itchy eyes caused by allergies on the internet. Allergy Relief For Itchy Eyes -- Dr. Linda Chous -- UHC TV. Hope this can be useful to you!
  • EDGAR Schneider


    You can take Benadryl to treat with your allergies but I still suggest you to ask your doctors before taking any kind of medicines. You can try some allergy relief eye drops to relieve your itchy eyes. You can take vitamin C pills every day to help with your inflammation. You can also eat more fresh fruit and vegetables at the same time. They can help reduce the inflammation too. Hope you will be fine soon!
  • Allison


    Avoid allergens such as dust, perfume, makeup, pet dander or contact lenses to get rid of allergies for they are easy to makes eyes itchy, sensitive and red. If you got an allergy, you can't rub your eyes immediately though they are very itchy. You can't apply warm or hot compresses on your irritated eyes for heat can increase the release of histamines (a kind of chemical) which can cause itching eyes. You can apply some artificial tears to flush the foreign objects out. If you flush them out but symptoms persist, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately.

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