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Do contact lenses have uv protection?

Can i get contact lenses with UV protection? Does it exist?
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  • Anita


    Yes, there are some contact lenses with UV protection existing. You might know that the use of sunglasses can block almost all the UV-A and UV-B rays to protect our eyes from this radiation. While for contact lenses which have UV protection, they can absorb UV radiation because they can reduce the amount of radiation reaches the surface of eye.
  • May Yong


    Some contact lenses do have UV protection, you can buy that at glasses store. Or you can buy that online. Ebay and amazon can be helpful. Visit ebay or amazon homepage at first. Then, type "contact lenses with UV protection" in the search bar. Lots of sunglasses will show up, choose the perfect one for yourself based on the price, the brand, the seller's reputation, and the comments given by the former customers. You can pay for that online, or you can choose to pay for that when the lenses arrived.
  • george


    Of course, it does. When you are choosing some contact lenses, you can find it in the description. I am wearing contact lenses too, and I found some Johnson& Johnson contact lenses provide the UV protection. According to a report of the American Optometric Association, these contact lenses can protect eyes by abosorbing the UV radiation and reducing the radiation reaching to the surface of eyes. There are also some UV protection standards given by U.S. Food and Drug Administration for contact lenses. You can check this report by clicking the linkage below: Although the contact lenses can provide UV protection to some extent, for me, I think it is better to wear sunglasses which can provide 90-100% protection from UV radiations. Brown and grey colored lenses are the best choices.
  • Rebecca


    Of course yes. contacts offer UV protection if you need. For people who wear contact lenses and do not wear wrap-style sunglasses, the amount of protection from UV radiation can be increased by wearing contact lenses that block UV
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