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Megan W


I got peppermint oil in my eye, what to do?

My eyes feel uncomfortable because i get a bit of peppermint oil in my eyes. Is it harmful to my eyes? What shall i do?
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  • handwithlighter


    Oh, peppermint in your eyes!You must feel very uncomfortable. Fortunately it will not hurt your eyes. You can just go to your bathroom and turn on the cold water to flush your eyes and let the oill come out. Or you can soak your eyes in a salver of water for several minutes, they will come out gradually.
  • Me


    Do not use water! Oil and water only mix and this will cause even more issues. You can use another type of oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and use them as a carrier oil to wash it away. I actually just did the same thing with peppermint oil, and what I used was artificial tears and it worked very well
  • Karen


    Well, I have to say that, it is kind of terrible to have peppermint oil in your eyes, for they are so hot. And generally speaking, it will just be painful when they get into your eyes. And you need to try some ways as soon as possible, or it will be dangerous for your eyes. First, just have some pure water in your eyes, and in that way, you need to wash your eyes carefully. Finally, the peppermint oil will be washed off. And then, you can just have some ice on your eyes to treat your situation. If you still feel painful, just go and see the eye doctor.
  • huhguhu


    it makes your eyes sting like hell. i think im going to go blind
  • Ari


    There's no need to worry, it's not a horrible issue. Eyes have the natural defense to cure the discomfort. But you can do something to fasten the recovery session. Clean your eyes with pure water or physiological saline at first. Then you need some artificial tears to relieve your eyes.
  • B


    Don't worry. It happened to me. It burned momentarily, but almost immediately it stopped hurting. It was an undiluted oil. Didn't have anything on me at the moment to flush with but I was fine. Don't panic. Dab it off with a cotton cloth. If you need to dilute it use coconut oil because it's not as likely to absorb into your skin. Dab do not wipe. And remember this is a safe oil.
  • Nick


    Use buckwheat germ grain around the eye to help with burning situation then wipe with goop lavender licks.

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